FAQs & House Keeping

Can I pick up my order?

✅ YES! - If you arrive to pick up an order, drop off items, view your current build/project - DO NOT, under any circumstances, let yourself into our property.

This includes (but not limited to):

  • Entering via the gate, driveway or any other access
  • Arriving without prior arrangement
  • Entering our premises unannounced

❌ Marvel Manufacturing will not be held liable for consequences of trespassing.

Can you design me a project build?

👉🏻 We do not design car builds. You’re expected to know what you want or have done the research. If you want something designed - you will be charged hourly for the design process. It is not our job to spend hours looking for parts for you.

Why can’t I contact you by phone? I just want to chat about something?

📵 Our contact number is not available online for a reason. The hours spent fielding phone calls takes me away from physically working on current paying customer builds. If you have it, don’t pass it along to your mates dads uncle.

📧👨🏻‍💻There are multiple other contact methods to get in touch. If you don’t get a reply - It means I’m working.

What’s your business hours?

⏳ Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm  ONLY  

❌ Its outside business hours? Don’t take offence if your called is ignored at 5pm on a Sunday. We will get back to your during business hours  

Can I come have a look at your stock? 

🛒 We do not have a showroom to “browse”. Everything in stock is available online.

‼️ FYI ‼️

📊 Small businesses do not operate on “mates rates”. Everyone is classed as a customer & will be priced accordingly. 

👍🏻 Just because we run a work shop from home, does not mean we run a casual drop in service. We operate like any other shop front business. Please respect that.