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Synergy Double Adjuster Tube Adapter

Synergy Double Adjuster Tube Adapter

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    • The Synergy Double Adjuster Tube Adapter is designed to eliminate the need for jam nuts that are normally used when building link suspension & steering systems
    • The use of the Double Adjuster allows the suspension/steering link to be adjusted without removal
    • The Double Adjuster allows the user to fine-tune the suspension/steering geometry by loosening the pinch bolt and turning the adjuster sleeve
    • Ideal for link suspension designs with weld on bushings/joints at one end or bent suspension links
    • The weld on tube adapter is made from solid stock 1018 Steel
    • The tube adapter seals the link off from water or other debris entering the link which can cause damage over time
    • An integrated drain hole lets any water that enters the threads of the adapter drain out


    • (1) Tube Adapter with Pinch Bolt Slit and Tubes
    • (1) Zinc Plated Double Adjuster Sleeve to be used with a Thread Shank Rod End
    • (1) Pinch Bolt Hardware
    • All Adjusters Use A Left Hand Threaded Rod End or Johnny Joint


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