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1.5” 38.1mm 7075 Aluminium Links

1.5” 38.1mm 7075 Aluminium Links

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Thread Pitch & Direction

7075 Aluminium links are regarded as the best links in the industry!!


7075 aluminum alloy has a higher yield strength than 6061 aluminum.


Consequently, 7075 aluminum is able to withstand more pressure and more impact without deformation. The yield strength of 7075 aluminum is due to its chemical composition and heat treatment.


The links are often refered to as 'memory aluminum' because 7075 Aluminum has the ability to deform, this allows the link to flex under load rather than bending then bounce back to straight. Unlike Steel and Chromoly links that will bend and not return straight.


Aluminum Links are built to whatever length you need, to make things easier we have priced them every 200mm. Please tell us your exact material lengths in the order notes. Our links come with your choice of 3/4”, 7/8” and 1 1/4” UNF LH & RH, I do have 1” UNF LH & RH taps message me if you need them sizes.


We offer 3 types of finishes:

Raw - straight off the lathe plain bar with chamfered edges (What I run on my bugs)

Raw with spanner flats - raw links with milled spanner flats

Polished with spanner flats - raw links with milled spanner flats get hit with the purple polish on the buffer to get that minor finish. (This finish will tarnish and require a clean up with purple polish on a rag)


Measurements are taken from end to end of material.


Do not include the length of the joints, please see picture for reference.


We keep all aluminium in stock and aim for 1-2 weeks lead time. This also means they are Non-Returnable. Please be sure to double check all measurements before submitting your order.


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