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3d Printed Tyre Inserts

3d Printed Tyre Inserts

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Our inserts have been designed to assist your tyre to conform around rocks to get the most traction possible. This prevents your tyre from folding in on itself when turning, ultimately getting you the most performance out of your tyre.

Our design incorporates a thicker wall on the outside ring to drastically improve the side wall stability over standard foams.

These tyre inserts are made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) making them waterproof as well as heat and cold resistant. The TPU is known for its elasticity, durability, and resistance to abrasion, making it an ideal choice of material to withstand wear and tear.

Different density tyre inserts can also be used to fine-tune the performance of your RC crawler to match the driver's preferences. 

Our dual stage design allows for easy tuning of the outer ring. We offer 3 standard outer densities:

  • 2% is designed for light weight RC crawlers roughly 3-4kg
  • 7% is designed for RTR crawlers 4-7kg
  • 12% is designed for the heavier crawlers with extra accessories

Tyre inserts are sold in pairs to allow for more precise tuning.

  • Example: 2% in the front and 7% in the rear
If you are after a custom density, please contact us



Tyre sizes are listed in imperial and physical product size is measured in metric 

    • 1.9” x 4.19” : 55mm x 98mm x 35mm
    • 1.9 x 4.65” :  55mm x 108mm x 35mm
    • 1.9” x 4.75” : 55mm x 110mm x 35mm
    • 1.9” x 4.9” :   55mm x 115mm x 35mm
    • 2.2” x 4.75” : 65mm x 108mm x 35mm
    • 2.2” x 5.4” :   65mm x 126mm x 43mm
    • 2.2” x 5.75” : 65mm x 136mm x 48mm

Due to varying specifications in tyre sizes from differing manufacturers, we cannot guarantee fitment for every tyre. Please check the physical dimensions of your tyre against our product sizes listed above. If you require a custom outer ring, please contact us

Note: Tyre inserts are printed to order in random colours 

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