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Fabrication Table Builders Kit

Fabrication Table Builders Kit

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Help build your crawler with our basic builders kit.

Our Basic Builders Kit comes with:

  • 4 x axle stands (axle stands have adjustable height to ensure your axles are at the correct level of your tyre/rims)
  • 1 x skid stand (Skid stand has an adjustable height and angle to ensure your skid is located in the perfect spot) (I personally build at full bump) 

We have 2 options for our builders kit:

  • 3d Printed

3d printed are perfect for locking everything in place and ensuring correct link measurements. Note * Don’t forget if you are welding your kit, you’ll need to earth your chassis (printed from PETG material to help with heat but it will still melt over 80c) We recommend a sheet metal kit for people wanting to weld)

  • Sheet Metal 

Sheet metal builders kit is laser cut from 2mm stainless and Tig welded together. This kit is perfect for people wanting to weld your chassis together 

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