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Marvel Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Single Seat RC Chassis

Single Seat RC Chassis

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We have had a huge amount of interest in our Single Seat RC chassis so we have them available for pre order. There is only 10 stainless and 10 titanium currently available, once they are gone we will look at another batch or making a different chassis.

5mm Stainless solid rod chassis $650.
5mm Titanium solid rod chassis $850.

Chassis’s will include battery tray, electronic tray & aluminum panel kit 

Minimum Pre Order Deposit is $200 (this is only a deposit & you will be invoiced for the remaining amount prior to shipping) 

Full Payment Option also available

Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout. 

We are expecting stainless to be shipped in the next 3-4 weeks and titanium 4-5weeks. 

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